“Burn Victim” by Aanya Sheikh-Taheri

December 21, 2016 0

You were razors and acid and vinegar.
You were midnight and broken glass and storms and leaky roofs and creaky gates and abandoned dark roads
and steel boots and chainsaws…

“Unpredictable” by Jeffrey Abrams

December 12, 2016 1

While a few math geeks appreciated Joshua Calisto’s obsession with predictability, the general population thought he was just weird. A genius yes, but weird. Like most gifted mathematicians, he spent his life in obscurity, few ever seeing his work, fewer still understanding it.

Now, at last, Calisto’s moment had arrived.

“The Things Boys Do” by Cathy Adams

December 5, 2016 1

You didn’t say anything as you gripped the bird in your fist. My parakeet, bright yellow like a small lemon, hung there very still, its head just above the knuckle of your thumb. The look on your face spoke your evil.