“An Opening as Wind Relents” by Keith Moul

At times she puts away her age
as if vengeful for time’s waning;
she will not remove her dentures;
she will not yield to unstable legs
all mapped by rivers of varicose;
she will cough her hacker’s cough
because the scratch won’t cease;
in loneliness, she does remember
that age remains her final gift.

Keith Moul’s poems and photos are published widely. Finishing Line Press released a chap called The Future as a Picnic Lunch in 2015. Aldrich Press published Naked Among Possibilities in 2016; Finishing Line Press has just released (1/17) Investment in Idolatry. In August, 2017, Aldrich Press released Not on Any Map, a collection of earlier poems. These poems are all from a new work about prairie life through U.S. history, including regional trials, character, and attachment to the land.

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