We Are Closed

Dear Lonely Riot Writers and Readers,

March 5th, 2018. 12:07 pm. We consider our magazine defunct.

We want to apologize especially to those writers who’ve submitted to us. Our wait this past year was long and very long, while we attempted to organize. We believe we’ve addressed by email all the incredibly saintly patient submissions we were waiting on. Again, apologies for the intense waiting period.


We shutter this fun little project for the reason of lack of editors. It’s difficult to go through an open submission process with only a few hands on deck, and rather than trying to weather gale-force submissions, it is unfortunately in our best interests to stay at bay indefinitely.


Thank you again for your patience, for your beautiful pieces, and for reading these authors whose work we felt needed an audience. Best of luck to all those involved.

-Matt & ALR Eds.

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